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Cute toys means Konjoinedkitty and Superham

New t-shirt I want – Super Magical Cheesecake!

Now if only they could do this to cover the abomination they built in Douglas

Dairy barn on acid

Want this in my living room – or actually, this one

Look at the winning entries to the Eustace Contest for the New Yorker

Damien gets more ink

Russ Mills prints available now and I want them all


More than a little strange

Speaking of tattoos, The Daily Dish looks at Yu-Chiao Wang’s design that means a person can lie out in the sun to get a “sun tattoo”. Can’t you just feel the melanoma?

Any one else thinking about that bit in Police Academy? No? Okay then…

A sign of the apocalypse

You know celebrity culture has gone too far when….

The Gospel According to Miley

Here’s how the whole thing went down. We’re told the unlikely friends met last year at the White House, where the 15-year-old dared Baldwin to get Hannah Montana’s initials and in return she would let him appear on her Disney TV show since his daughters are huge fans of the series.

Fast forward to yesterday in Nashville, where sources tell us Miley’s little sister, Brandi, heard on the radio that the 42-year-old outspoken Christian was also in town to promote his new book. So Miley, her mom, Brandi and Miley’s boyfriend Justin Gaston decided to surprise Baldwin at a book signing. When they arrived, we’re told Stephen showed off his “HM” tat and asked if he could cameo on her show, at which point Miley (reluctantly?) agreed.

It’s Miley Cyrus’ world and Stephen’s just livin’ in it.

Am I alone in thinking it but when did Stephen Baldwin become literate?
I kid, I kid… Besides that, when did embarrassing ink/parenting become the stuff of kids shows? Though that being said, Miley herself is becoming better known among the older generations as the girl wore a sheet for Vanity Fair, age-inappropriate photos and a boyfriend who’d be charged with statutory rape – hardly the role model herself one would think…