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Daily Links 17/02

I’m having a bit of an Obama day so work with me…

It’s never enough for those liberals… Oh wait, that’s me

GOP Governors love Obama, perhaps why some are calling the others idiots

Rove won’t be pleading the fifth

Get your St. Obama candles while they’re still here – will have to see if I can try and pick one of these up when I’m over there for shits and giggles

Oscar predictions from the man that predicted the Obama homerun

The Simpsons get a new intro – it’s bloody awful


Daily Links

It’s cute and it’s an onion

Jericho Santander does some great prints

Skateboards as art

Lingerie that doesn’t hurt the environment… I don’t think I’d give a shite personally if it made my ass look good

Your own personal economic stimulus to enjoy while the US debate theirs

Daily Links

I have Sanskrit tattooed on me – true story.
Thankfully I did a lot of research to make sure it meant what it was supposed to mean unlike some people….

Football turns into full frontal

Prepare for more Palin

Uggs apparently represent the current financial situation – ugly?

Apple ready to kill over copycats

Erykah Badu is on twitter?

Bank of England time travel

Daily Links

The man who threw a shoe at Bush is after getting a statue to commemorate the incident

The NY Times considers “unfriending” on Facebook

Mens yoga fashion

It will be just as unreliable as its machines just pocket sized


Blame… someone else

Just noticed Tom is after setting up a photo blog

Feminism spreads equality for all

An artist’s loft apartment

Common – Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo)

Daily Links

Blind Man’s Bluff

This is one of the better ideas they could back?

And he’s sure history might save him?

Banking spouses form support groups

The Economist is in a good mood

I think the NY Times are trying to say they didn’t like it

Greening your house on the inside

Rachel Yamagata – Be Be Your Love

Daily Links

Very slow news day today…..

Modesty isn’t in his vocabulary… neither is sanity

Continuing on the blame game

Madoff doesn’t discriminate but is potentially an agent of Karma

Pretty in pink but definitely couldn’t wear white the next time

Kids take on Regina Spektor

Daily Links

Gone for the day to play with the niece and steal my sisters foodz!


Paper or Plastic?

Public art or just plain odd?

Would definitely cheer up the station here


Lego…. Camera?

Neck and Back braces can now be fashionable

SHOCKER: It’s the fault of Liberals…. again

The man must have his own personal lighting director as well