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So I was in Iceland…


Another Year

(borrowed from Made In Hollywood)

I’m running a bit late with posting this but the 2010 Irish Blog Awards was on Saturday night in Galway and as usual, the night was pretty kick ass. As is the fashion, Rick did a great job as master of ceremonies (even leading the funeral procession into the hall) and kept everything as lively and informal as you’d come to expect.

Despite all the whining that inevitably follows, each of the winners was more than deserving and should at least get a moment to enjoy it before the naysayers come out to play (although special mention goes to Panti for best speech of the evening and making me one very happy boy for getting to meet her).

Beyond that major thanks goes to Damien, who (other than putting up with me) does the rather thankless job of arranging two awards ceremonies every year to remind people of some of the positive elements of the internet and have a laugh doing it. People get to put a face to the blogs and twitter accounts they follow the rest of the year and encounter ideas and information they may not otherwise.

To Mulley!

Oh yeah…

Cheers to himself and the rest of the crew for a kick ass awards ceremony.
I’m now poor again but happy.

(nabbed from Darren)

Daily Links 20/09

Been a while since I’ve posted anything because, well, I haven’t done anything interesting but here’s some strange stuff from geekdom

Like yourself some fanboys? Well now there’s a calendar you can download month by month
(September was the only one I could find worth looking at for any prolonged period of time)

If you can’t keep yourself occupied till the new Sex & The City comes out, here’s the comic book answer to your problems

I’d marry a woman who dressed like this and wasn’t Diane Keaton

I fucking love this

Pic or it didn’t happen

Before I mentioned an Obama toy that wasn’t very pleasant looking and guess what I came across in Barcelona today….

Daily Links 15/08

Fook me, it’s been quite a few days since I slapped something up here….

Some Runte who takes video game photographs – good for a giggle at least

Quite liking these T’s… no BBC but they definitely cute

Normally I don’t like animals, unless “on a plate” counts but I quite like this pack of…

Pretty good art stuffs from Vania but you to navigate a rather poor website sadly… worth it

Daily Links 01/08

I need this – talk about childhood nostalgia

More than just your standard building. You can always rely on the Dutch to do something crazy.

Effective advertising that will test your gag reflex as well

Getting your message heard

Two childhood memories completely bastardized in the most glorious of ways

I don’t think there are sufficient words to describe this guy’s work

Since he has a book coming out, here’s a step-by-step to getting shot by the Sartorialist

Cooking show on acid