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Intellectual Property Paper

The Conflict Between Free Content and a Creative Economy in the Internet Age

The proliferation of the Internet has led to information and ideas being shared in a way never imagined before whilst leading to a battle between those who before had a monopoly on how their output was presented and shared with the public and a public that now expects free content from them and will no longer pay high premiums for the content remaining. Thus it comes down to how much copyright must be diluted to give the market what it demands as standard whilst protecting the commercial viability of the content as well as well as exploiting new mediums created by the Internet to access new revenue models. Unfortunately, the music industry in particular have done little to put forward a united front, sowing confusion amongst the public at large (not helped by a hugely varying international approach to copyright law), meaning file-sharing continues to be a viable alternative to paid content.

Full paper and citations


Section 205 – Minority Oppression

Groundbreaking or still defined by the “privilege of incorporation?”
Section 205 of the Principle Act has been largely influential in how it has wrestled
absolute control from the majority shareholders and directors to enable minority
shareholders to effect change where otherwise they would be incapable of doing so.
However this in itself is limited in its scope, largely by the rule in Foss v Harbottle and the
overarching ʻprivilege of incorporationʼ that gives rise to case law such as this and statutes.
Thus, although it has redressed the balance of rights given to shareholders, it is of little
effect in a body of law that appears to favour the legal over the natural person.

Section 205

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Right Wing Curmudgeon new WSJ Editor

Oh Mr. Murdoch… How you continue to NOT surprise us…

Baker named WSJ’s deputy editor-in-chief

Gerard Baker, most recently at The Times of London, has been named The Wall Street Journal’s deputy editor-in-chief, according to a staff memo obtained by Politico.

During a June masthead shake-up, Baker was rumored to be in the running as a possible replacement for D.C. bureau chief John Bussey, who ended up remaining in the position.

Previously, Baker had worked for Journal editor Robert Thomson at the London paper, and when I asked at the time about going to the Journal, he called the rumors “completely false.”

It would be one thing for Baker to move to the conservative editorial page, but the self-described “right-wing curmudgeon” will have a role overseeing news coverage, a move that surprised some staffers because of his strong right-wing political views.