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Daily Links 24/03

Twitter is finally making some money

Romance isn’t dead… nor will it ever be in some cases

This is what happens when people have too much spare time on their hands… and afterwards

Alexia has some good videos of the reactions during the Ireland v Wales game

New blog from Paul Anthony

Tommy muses on the iPhone’s inherent awesomeness


Daily Links 19/03

Think I might have to pick up one of these turntables when I’m in Cali….

Definitely a new one for trucker caps

Wouldn’t mind me some of these

A not so bad looking power pack for iPhone

A beauty of a machine

Zooey Deschanel is after making sunglasses – and they’re not bad… unlike She&Him’s version of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Daily Links

I don’t play sports (well or even at all) but I might wear Homage

For your geek counterparts on Valentines Day, here’s a beautiful HD

Germans aren’t always boringly reliable

Crap, found this one too late – but love the idea

Crazy Italians

Daily Links

I have Sanskrit tattooed on me – true story.
Thankfully I did a lot of research to make sure it meant what it was supposed to mean unlike some people….

Football turns into full frontal

Prepare for more Palin

Uggs apparently represent the current financial situation – ugly?

Apple ready to kill over copycats

Erykah Badu is on twitter?

Bank of England time travel

Daily Links

Unconventional action figures

iPhone update news – as if we didn’t know this already

Buy Obama while you can

Not everyone likes French style

25 things you never knew about Blagojevich

Daily Links

I want one of these in my garden

iShelf? Perhaps a step to far to actually own one or for me to even try with the amount of albums I have…

Obama gets his own art show *wants*

I would make sweet, sweet love to this car

The Wonka seat… you get the idea

Some douchebag is going to buy this and think he’s hip

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!

Antwerp gets a gargantuan new Port Authority

Some people still question Obama

Daily Links

The man who threw a shoe at Bush is after getting a statue to commemorate the incident

The NY Times considers “unfriending” on Facebook

Mens yoga fashion

It will be just as unreliable as its machines just pocket sized


Blame… someone else

Just noticed Tom is after setting up a photo blog

Feminism spreads equality for all

An artist’s loft apartment

Common – Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo)