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Intellectual Property Paper

The Conflict Between Free Content and a Creative Economy in the Internet Age

The proliferation of the Internet has led to information and ideas being shared in a way never imagined before whilst leading to a battle between those who before had a monopoly on how their output was presented and shared with the public and a public that now expects free content from them and will no longer pay high premiums for the content remaining. Thus it comes down to how much copyright must be diluted to give the market what it demands as standard whilst protecting the commercial viability of the content as well as well as exploiting new mediums created by the Internet to access new revenue models. Unfortunately, the music industry in particular have done little to put forward a united front, sowing confusion amongst the public at large (not helped by a hugely varying international approach to copyright law), meaning file-sharing continues to be a viable alternative to paid content.

Full paper and citations


Section 205 – Minority Oppression

Groundbreaking or still defined by the “privilege of incorporation?”
Section 205 of the Principle Act has been largely influential in how it has wrestled
absolute control from the majority shareholders and directors to enable minority
shareholders to effect change where otherwise they would be incapable of doing so.
However this in itself is limited in its scope, largely by the rule in Foss v Harbottle and the
overarching ʻprivilege of incorporationʼ that gives rise to case law such as this and statutes.
Thus, although it has redressed the balance of rights given to shareholders, it is of little
effect in a body of law that appears to favour the legal over the natural person.

Section 205

Ryanair acting like… well… Ryanair

Some of you might have seen Jason’s post about free flights with Ryanair due to some glitches (essentially you clicked in and out of the voucher section to discover that flights cost 0.00) – well they weren’t exactly nice about it when responding to the whole issue about wordpress oddly enough and Jason himself. Noice!

O’Caoimh and both take the logical approach that this isn’t some sort of sabotage and I’m personally inclined to agree.

Can’t wait to see where this goes next now that WordPress developers are catching on…

Apple goes down, Consoles go up

In two rather odd bits of news, the WSJ is reporting that Apple has taken a Moderate hit in it’s sales figures, most likely because they have maintained a premium pricing strategy despite the economic downturn.

Sales of Macs in U.S. stores last month declined 1% from a year ago, while industry-wide PC sales rose 2%, according to research firm NPD Group Inc., which tracks retail sales.

NPD analyst Steve Baker blamed a 35% drop in sales of desktop Macs, noting growth in Apple’s laptops still outpaced rivals.

The decline marks a sharp reversal for Apple, which has enjoyed robust demand this year for its Macs, even as spending on Windows-based PCs slowed along with sales of other electronics like flat-panel TVs. To drive sales of its iPhone, analysts expect Apple to begin selling it at Wal-Mart Stores Inc., possibly at a discount.

My favourite quote from Jobs himself is

“We don’t know how to make a $500 computer that’s not a piece of junk,” Mr. Jobs said in October when the company reported earnings.


At the same time, The Huffington Post is reporting that to escape the shiteous time we’re all having, everyone is off playing Xbox.

U.S. retail sales of video game hardware, software and accessories jumped 10 percent last month from the year-ago period to $2.91 billion, boosted by strong sales of Nintendo Co.’s Wii, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 and the alien shooter game “Gears of War 2.”

The availability of a broad range of games is one reason for the industry’s ongoing solid performance, said NPD analyst Anita Frazier. Games also provide a relatively cheap form of stay-at-home entertainment.

Update: Bailout

Despite the best efforts of the Democrats, the Auto Bailout fell last night in the Senate. Buh-Bye American Auto Industry.

Wal-mart iPhones?

It’s been reported that Wal-mart will start selling iPhones in the very near future but the big news is that rumours are circulating that they will be selling a $99 model – potentially a discontinued 4GB model or even one of the two models available now for that price. This follows a a cut in costs for the iPhone to as low as $199 in recent times to deal with growing competition in the market such as the Google phone and its system Android.

Bloomberg was able to confirm at least that Wal-mart will be selling the units regardless of price:

Employees in the cell-phone departments at five California stores, contacted by phone today, said Wal-Mart will offer iPhones by the end of December. Employees are currently being trained on how to sell the device, all five said.

If it’s true, I’m stocking up when I’m over in the States… even if it means having to see the inside of a Wal-Mart

Got to love it…

Mimobots have to be the sexiest USB key I’ve ever seen.
Where else can you get original designs are firm favourites as your USB and up to 8GB?
Also comes loaded with free screensavers, wallpapers, icons and even sounds for when docking it with your PC or laptop… my Mac will be the hottest geek in the playground for sure.

Han Solo

Flippy, Happy Tree Friends

Yakuza, Original Design