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Damien has been following this a lot more closely than I have myself so he has something more concrete to share on the whole thing but anything to get the ball rolling even further.
One report has been issued on the subject of institutional abuse within some of the diocese of the Irish Catholic Church. More will follow. Little will perhaps be done about it.
We spend so much time considering issues like why the Lisbon Treaty is bad for the country yet when it comes to the abuse, both sexual and otherwise of children within our country that undoubtedly still exists, there isn’t much said. Labour released no official statement instead raising the issue directly in the Dail; a noble thought but why was that seen as sufficient? A member of Fianna Fail says that he believes that those that committed the atrocities are as far removed from the church as the victims. But then why does it so often feel like the ranks are being closed on us when it comes to getting answers from those involved if these institutions aren’t trying to minimize the damage at least, in the most insensitive way possible?
I always find the Irish to be overly apathetic as a nation – we take the fact that corruption and idiocy exists within the political system on the nose, we accept that there isn’t an opposition that defines itself as more than just that, we even generally respond to the political landscape as a whole with nothing more than a shrug.
So what to do?
Just get angry. Feel something other than sheer numbness. Petition for change and try to do what you can to make someone else think for a moment that it’s never a bad thing to stand up and be counted. Yes I am saying all the usual bloated cliches but it is true that one individual voice is not always or ever as loud as thousands of individual voices calling for change. Try and sometimes fail, but learn from the experience and come at with renewed vigor.


Michael O’Brien’s experiences of the Commission


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