Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist


Nick is a sweet, awkward but genuinely nice guy. Think Michael Cera. The happy coincidence being they’re one and the same. Having been abandoned by his girlfriend, Tris, he takes to delivering her playlists of songs that he hopes will win her back. Thankfully Nick is “scene” to play in a punk rock band as the token straight/bassist and work their drum machine and after his gig in the city plans to go see the strangely named Fluffy Bunny at a secret gig.
Norah is an enemy of Nick’s Tris, collecting the playlists Nick has sent her and not so secretly has feelings for him. She can’t decide whether to take a job or go to college. Strangely, she’ll be going to the same gig.

Heard it before? Of course you have. Thankfully it has a charm of its own.

Filmed in the vein of John Hughes, it ends up more akin to a Woody Allen movie.
Two likable and well-timed characters trading whips and barbs to avoid acknowledging that it’s nothing more than their own personal neuroses keeping them apart.
The script is well written, never too cute for its own good.
The city and the music become characters in themselves.
There is an overall distance to the entire events.
The Director can’t handle sex (even Allen has gotten over that one – see Barcelona).

But…. it works and dammit it does it well.

    • earlstvincent
    • January 31st, 2009

    I have to a agree, a fantastic film. A real feel good.

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