Lisbon 2.0

Remember those silly demands we Irish were making about Lisbon? Well according to the Irish Times, Europe seems to have given in:

The leaders will also agree to allow each member state to retain their commissioner and to give “necessary legal guarantees” to Ireland on “taxation policy, family, social and ethical issues, and common security and defence policy with regard to Ireland’s traditional policy of neutrality”, say the conclusions obtained by The Irish Times last night.

It also seems likely that another referendum will be held before the current EU Commission’s term is up in October of 2009 meaning that one will be held on or before the 31st of the same month. This would also enable Europe to enact the entire treaty before the end of next year.

I can’t wait for it myself, I always love with the crazies come out *cough*Kathy Sinnott*cough* come out in force with their “Europe will send their Nazi velociraptor foot soldiers to steal your unborn babies and jobs” argument. Bring it I say.

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