Jesse Jackson Jr. hits back

The man who was considered the 5th potential candidate for the empty Obama seat lashed out at any insinuation that he was involved in discussion with Gov. Blagojevich to take the seat in exchange for money or an alternative job offer in the public or private sector for the Governor.

Rep. Jackson went on to say that:

“I reject and denounce pay to play politics and have no involvement whatsoever in any wrongdoing,” said the congressman. “I did not initiate or authorize anyone, at any time, to promise anything to Governor Blagojevich on my behalf. I never sent a message or an emissary to the governor to make an offer, or plea my case, or to propose a deal about a US Senate seat. Period.”

Jackson also took the time to remind people that he was more than qualified to take the seat regardless of the nomination process, reminding the assembled media that he had only missed 2 votes in 13 of Illinois state politics.
More than likely, this is because everyone sees a potential nomination at this time by either the governor or another person/board as a poisoned chalice based on the current situation and Jackson is trying to reaffirm why he would be chosen regardless of that same process.

As with all Democrats at the moment, Jackson went on to state his disappointment with the Governor for the entire situation having been created:

“I thought, mistakenly, that the process was fair, above board and on the merits. I thought, mistakenly, that the governor was evaluating me and other Senate hopefuls based upon on our credentials and qualifications,” Jackson Jr. said. “I thought, mistakenly, that I had a chance and I was being considered because I had earned it. Clearly I was badly mistaken. I did not know the process had been corrupted. I did not know that credentials, qualifications, or a record of service meant nothing to the governor. I did not know that the governor and his cronies were attempting to use the process to extort money in a brazen pay-to-play scheme.”


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