Busy, busy, busy….

Right so it’s coming to that time of the year again – last minute assignments. This year I have a 5000 word one for the 2nd and a 3000 worder for the 12th of January around my exams. Lovely. Also trying to arrange transfers on my trip for San Francisco from March (I’d booked it for the study week in March – smooth) and have to successfully wrangle a swap to April (thank you British Airways – honestly, thanks). Hence the supreme lack of postings with the last week and most likely over the next few again. That and it’s Thanksgiving stateside so interesting news is hard to come by.

So to tide whoever actually bothers to read this over, here are some links for you:

The Rise of the Alpha Gay as told by Details

Page 6 reports that Natalie Portman just can’t keep it in her pants

And to epitomize the slow news week, the New York Times is running a piece on Susan Sarandon and Ping-Pong… not that kind of Ping-Pong

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