It’s actually Pushing Daisies

Although the network won’t confirm it, it’s being reported that Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money are all going to be cancelled.

“It’s all true,” Daisies creator Bryan Fuller tells me. “I’m so very proud of this show and grateful for everyone’s hard work in bringing it to life.
“We would love to continue telling this season’s arcs in a comic book format, just to tie up all the loose strings — and believe me, there are plenty,” he continues. “That way we can tell a stand alone movie story that doesn’t have all the baggage from the second season stories — and those bags are packed!”

Comic books? Is everyone jumping on that bandwagon? Like the idea but after subjecting myself to some of the Angel and Buffy comics (research purposes only I assure you) I’m not holding out much hope. Very sad to see it go nonetheless.

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