Shocking that…

The Irish Times is reporting that a new referendum on Lisbon might actually pass this time according to one of its own polls.

The poll shows a change in public attitudes since June with 43 per cent now saying they would vote Yes, 39 per cent No and 18 per cent having no opinion.

Doesn’t really sound all that promising does it?

But they do offer a glimmer of hope:

In the poll, people were asked how they would vote if the treaty was modified to allow Ireland to retain an EU commissioner and other Irish concerns on neutrality, abortion and taxation were clarified in special declarations.

When the “don’t knows” are excluded this gives the Yes side 52.5 per cent, with the No side on 47.5 per cent. It compares to the referendum result in June of 53.4 per cent No and 46.6 per cent Yes.

So basically if we have them re-jig it for our benefit we’ll pass it? Oh well why didn’t you say so – this is brand new information!

And there you have it lady’s and gentlemen, what we already knew – Shut up Kathy Sinnott and the rest of the “nazi imperialist velociraptors for Brussels will steal your babies” brigade and we’re in with a shot.

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