Relocation, Relocation

This has got to be some sort of sick joke – The Huffington Post has an essay on where to move based on which states did or did not go Democrat in the presidential elections.

The author, a Jeannie Ralston, starts off rather simple:

One reason I left the U.S. in the first place was my growing disconnect with a country (and especially the rural area of Texas where I used to live) that could send George Bush to the White House twice. This time, I’d like to be surrounded by neighbors who are less likely to flaunt the confederate flag or shoot my dog (this happened — twice). I’m weighing this need for some blue-tinged enlightenment with the competing desire to be closer to my family in Tennessee and friends in the Southeast.

I know I’m far from someone who would vote Republican if I were in the US but really? Comparing all Republicans to dog shooting, confederate flag-waving, tinfoil hat wearing freaks? Rather apt for portions of them but there are crazy Democrats as well… or people who are just plain crazy.

But wait, there’s more…

My husband nixed Oregon, which is prime blue state west. “It must be a socialist state,” he complained. “You can’t even pump your own gas!” We liked the area around Trinidad, Colorado, until I learned it was the sex change capital of the world. Yes, I like diversity, but even I have my limits.

There are no words.

ensing my new hesitation about Tennessee, my husband proposed Oklahoma. He’d found a wonderful piece of property near the historic town of Guthrie. Consulting my electoral map, I found that Oklahoma is one of only two states in the country in which every single county went for McCain. Nary an oasis in sight. (The other pure red state is Alaska, which is little comfort).

An oasis? Liberalism is an oasis? But by the same rationale other areas in the country are too liberal? Make up your mind will you lady.

If this is what Liberalism brings, some sort of crazy political-correctness more than anything, count me out. I’d rather the confederate flag folks – at least they’ll be entertaining

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